Design with Reason

I was just reminded (thanks, Jesse!) of this very complimentary review from last summer, courtesy of Ron Reason's Design with Reason blog. It's a nice look at some of the stuff we've been doing at The Stranger in recent years.


Devon Varmega

More cool local posters, this time from Devon Varmega. Look for him on GigPosters.com.


Travis Coster

Here's a trio of great posters by local designer Travis Coster, who you can find on GigPosters.com. Seattle's all-ages and underground venues (Vera Project, Black Lodge, Healthy Times Fun Club, etc.) have been consistently putting out the best posters in town for the past few years.



The Other Poster of the Week

As some of you may know, my duties as art director at The Stranger include writing the Poster of the Week column. Because of the inherent limitations of the column (space, printing deadlines, subject matter, etc.), I figured I might as well post some of the many, many great posters that don't make it into the paper here on this blog. 

This time around, we have one of my favorite local poster artists, Chris Rollins, who does some amazing linocut prints. This one has the added bonus of having a reference to Star Wars, which I am currently obsessed with (again).